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Sagar Karki

Trekking Guide

Born in the mountains, nature lover Sagar Karki has ten years of experience as a trekking guide in Mt. Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang region.

Well-liked by our trekking guests, Sagar loves meeting new people and sharing Nepalese culture and life in the mountains. He started his job in Travel Maker South Asia as a porter for three years and was promoted to a trekking guide after his upgrading training. His devotion to tourism, especially in the mountain Sagar, is one of the best guides on our team. He loves his job.

Professional Achievements

  • He has completed his higher school degree

  • Has completed his trekking guide license with the government license process.

  • Special first aid training for the mountain

Some Speciality of Sagar

Sagar is a dependable, friendly, and obedient guide and is excellent at trekking preparation, as the rest of our trekking guides do. He is well-known to the market for getting the required equipment, gear, and outfits both in rental and buying, branded or local.

He can allocate you the best local businesses and tourist attractions for local hangout places in Thamel and in the famous sites of Nepal.

Sagar is learning photography which could be an added benefit while taking him as a guide on the mountain.

Sagar Karki