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Adventure in Nepal's Jungle

Nepal is home to a diverse variety of exotic flora and fauna. It is a botanist, zoologist, and an ornithologist's dream come true. This wildlife package takes you to the hub of such activity to witness wildlife in all its splendor. Some major wildlife destinations in Nepal are the Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, and Bardia National Park.
These sanctuaries are home to mammals and migratory birds such as one-horned rhinoceros, various species of deer, wild boar, wild bison, sloth bear, leopards, the infamous Royal Bengal Tiger, gharials or Magurs (crocodiles), wild buffaloes, freshwater dolphins, storks, ibises, water fowls. Etc. The riverside sceneries, traditional Tharu people and their villages and culture, the grasslands and thick sal forests.

Activities may include village walks, jungle walks, jeep rides, elephant rides, canoeing in dug-out canoes, and visiting elephant breeding centers or incubators that have been established to breed the local crocodiles ( gharials or Magurs ). Your activities will be catered to what you choose to view in these parks and reserves. These areas are a haven for birdwatchers and animal spotters.

Accommodation may vary from traditional Tharu huts to tents or even luxury lodges with all amenities. Once again total is determined based on your needs and requirements; remember, guests to these reserves have included numerous royalty, world dignitaries, and Hollywood celebrities.

20-40 minute flights easily connect these parks and reserves from Kathmandu and are a short drive; however, itineraries can be modified to add adventure by rafting on moderate-grade rivers till you finally reach your destination. One can also choose to drive several hours overland on 4wd's.