Located 32 southeast of Kathmandu is the city of Panauti which is a prominent historical city  of Nepal mainly due to the fact that this city was given as a dowry to King Bhupatindra Malla's sister. The major attractions in Panauti are the Indreshwor Temple and the Durbar Square found in the town centre. Panauti, along with Kathmandu, was incorporated into the Unified Kingdom of Nepal in the 13th century. It is dotted with various Hindu and Buddhist monuments and sites and is therefore considered an important medieval site.

Panauti still retains its golden past, and to the observer, it would seem that the town has been left as it was in the distant past. This traditionally Newari town with its narrow streets and alleyways has a quaint nostalgic atmosphere, and walk along these streets will evoke all your senses. The town's culture and tradition is reflected on the colourful items that one will find laid out on the streets.

Panauti is situated at the confluence of the Rosi and Punyamati Rivers. It has always been deemed a religious site that has been revered since the early times. A third river, Lilawati, which is presumed to be only visible to intellectuals and faithfuls. Devotees throng the Indreshwor Mahadev Temple during festive times to cleanse their souls. Various Jatras and chariot festivals are held here during various calendar months and one witness one of the oldest traditional dances, the Harsiddhi Dance which uses the language of the Gods.

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