Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha


Namo Buddha which is Located at an altitude of 1750 meters is an ancient Buddhist monastery situated on the outskirts of Kathmandu and is over an hours drive from there. According to legend, King Mahasattva offered his body to a hungry tigress and her cubs so that they may live; this selfless and courageous sacrifice has made this site highly revered by all those who make the pilgrimage there.

The area is mainly inhabited by people from the Tamang community/ Besides the view one can get from here, the agricultural produce like rice, mustard, millet and soya can be an interesting feature for visitors. The three major Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Nepal are Boudha Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa and Namo Buddha.

It would be an excellent idea to spend the night here as the sunrise and sunset offers you breathtaking and exhilarating views of the mountains and the valley below. In addition, the crispness of the pollution-free fresh air  and the harmony of the diverse communities that live here are a stark contrast to city life.

Namo Buddha is also a place for meditation and practice.

Hiking or biking or driving are your options to visiting this site.

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