Bandipur is a predominantly Newari settlement located on a hill top midway between the long drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Most old trading routes between Nepal and Tibet have transformed into modern hubs, but Bandipur still retains its age old ancient flavour which is reflected by its architecture, lifestyle, people and culture and its harmony with nature. Bandipur is also good for short trekking in Nepal.Taking the age old route from Dumre Bazaar, you will traverse uphill through lush, pristine forests till you find yourself in a quaint township where very little has changed despite the passage of time. Cultural activities are still conducted with fervour here, and the various temples and shrines, sacred cave dwellings, numerous festivals, houses with intricate Newari architecture, is a reflection of the bygone days of old Kathmandu Valley.

Standing proudly on a saddle situated at an altitude of 1005 metres, the township overlooks the Marshyangdi River Valley. This vantage point also gives you breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas, specifically Gorkha Himal. The surrounding hills provide excellent trails for hiking and takes you through ethnic settlements, virgin forests and hilltop shrines which doubled as fortresses in bygone eras.There are also some short trekking trips in bandipur.

This culturally and naturally intact settlement is a must visit, must see destination that offers splendid hiking trails, taste of mountain village culture and stunning mountain and valley views.